Lyn Wenzel


After interning at LAB during the summer of 2015, Lyn officially joined the LAB team in 2016, having recently graduated from UVA with a Master of Landscape Architecture.  Her design education, however, started years before as an undergraduate studying architecture at Washington University in St. Louis.

Lyn spent her childhood following her dad around his gardens learning about the joys of the changing seasons and eating green beans straight off the vine.  Family gardens, public parks, and the rolling hills of Kentucky fostered her early appreciation for the materials of landscape architecture and its potential as a creative expression.  It wasn’t, however, until studying architecture in the post-industrial landscape of St. Louis that she connected these early experiences with the social dimension of design.

Inspired by the intersection of the city and ecological systems, her work as a graduate student included landscape-based strategies for the incremental transformation of an abandoned hospital site in Detroit, MI, and guidelines for reshaping the street assembly and pedestrian environment in three climatically distinct cities – Richmond, Madrid, and Caracas.  At LAB, Lyn is excited to bring these interests and experiences to the collaborative practice of shaping imaginative urban places throughout the DC area and beyond.