Rong Rong


Rong joined LAB in late 2015. Her design career varied in architecture and landscape firms, including Ricci Greene Associates in New York, PWP Landscape Architecture led by Peter Walker in San Francisco, Landworks Studio, Inc in Boston and several large local design institutes in China. In these firms, she has been involved in all scale and type of projects, ranging from artist’s villa to office/institutional buildings in architecture, school and innovation company campus planning in urban design and from rooftop garden design to urban plaza and to large-scale park design in landscape.

Before joining LAB, she completed her second master degree in landscape architecture from University of Virginia. She graduated with distinction and received Student Merit Awards from American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) which awards a Certificate of Honor to one student, nominated by the faculty in the Department of Landscape Architecture, who has demonstrated a high degree of academic scholarship and of accomplishment in skills related to the art and technology of landscape architecture. Before getting into the design world, she studied civil engineering as an undergraduate and received her first master degree in business management (MBA). She is always interested in interdisciplinary approaches and tries to bring what she gains from her diversity of background to benefit the projects throughout the whole design process.