Joe Chambers


Joe Chambers is a licensed Landscape Architect with over twenty-five years of experience creating landscapes of all types and sizes.  He is passionate about the craft of detailing and construction.

Joe spent much of his childhood in rural western Maryland knee deep in creek water, but after traveling to Europe for a summer at age eighteen he became fascinated with cities and how they are put together.  (He walked twenty-five miles from central London through Brixton to Greenwich just to see the layers of the city peel away.)  He studied architecture at UVa, worked in Washington, DC for a couple of years and then went on the study landscape architecture at Harvard.  Afterwards he worked for some years at Carr Lynch Hack and Sandell on a several large park planning and urban design projects – the Lower Charles River Basin, Westside Waterfront in Manhattan and Prudential Center Redevelopment in Boston.

A natural talker, Joe has taught through most of his career, at UVa and Harvard as a student, at the Boston Architectural Center, at Conway School in Western Massachusetts and finally full time at Penn State and Rutgers University.  While teaching full time he wrote about construction methods, urban design and the work of Frederick Law Olmsted.

Over the last dozen years Joe has designed many projects large and small – a university campus, a performing arts campus, streetscapes, green roofs, plazas and many residences and estates.   He is the project manager for LAB’s work on the Southwest Waterfront Park, the largest of the new parks in the Wharf development in Washington, DC.

He still loves to play in the water and get dirty whenever he can.