Marjorie Woodbury


In 2012, equipped with an MLA from Auburn University, Marjorie moved to Northern California and apprenticed with landscape architect Greg Arthur. She learned hands-on the basics of landscape construction and residential design, along with best-practices for life in general, such as the importance of road biking and coffee breaks. Marjorie continued in design/build before landing at LAB in 2014. At LAB, she brings a hard-working, bubbly personality to the studio. She particularly knows and loves plants, and has visited many of the regional wholesale nurseries.

Before Auburn, Marjorie earned her BA in Natural History and Dance from Principia College–she trained as a dancer since early childhood and danced with aTrek Dance Collective in St. Louis. Like Lawrence Halprin, she thinks of movement through the landscape as improvisational choreography. During graduate school, Marjorie studied urban design in Rome and Montevideo, Italian urban agriculture in Subiaco, waste management in Kyoto, and environmentally assessed park redevelopments in post-Katrina New Orleans. Her favorite memories are sailing the Chesapeake Bay with her dad.