Robert Anderson


With over twenty years of Landscape Architecture and Land Planning experience Robert brings a diverse background from working on numerous project types and different geographic locations. His approach is to work with the client on understanding the program requirements and fitting these elements into the overall site design. This has been the hallmark of Robert’s philosophy on bringing the Client’s vision into sharp focus and the implementing this from Schematic Design through to final Construction Observation and project closeout.

Robert’s Portfolio includes mixed use/urban, single and multi-family residential, industrial, retail, educational, hospitality, health care and corporate institutional projects ranging from Texas to Pennsylvania and internationally from Panama to China. Featured among these projects are very large-scale projects that required strategic vision on one end of the spectrum and great attention to detail on the other. Tianjin Oceanfront represents the extreme end of large-scale projects, which many designers will likely only see once in a lifetime, and National Harbor represents the highly detailed and intricately balanced opposite end of the scale with its highly utilized streetscape and coordination challenges.