Payam Ostovar


Payam joined LAB in 2010 and has since enjoyed working on projects ranging in scale from a large and complex international project to the design of a detail to be experienced by the hand of the visitor just around the corner.  He received his Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture from The University of Virginia School of Architecture in 2007 and his work experience since then has included time at Martha Schwartz Inc., MVVA and now LAB.

For generations most of Payam’s family has entered either the fields of environmental science or art and he has found fulfillment of these two passions (and more) through Landscape Architecture. His interest in interdisciplinary approaches to design and in projects requiring environmental and cultural sensitivity is in large part a reflection of this family history while his graduate work as well as his undergraduate degree in International Studies with a focus on Culture and Development has taught him to approach design at multiple scales and cultural contexts.

Although many of the projects in his portfolio include a great deal of design flair he has also worked on community-based design build projects and has a strong appreciation for the practical side of how projects get built. He believes that one of the joys of getting a project built is the process of interacting with the clients as well as other designers to create a design that is both sensitive to the projects requirements as well as the history and nature of the site.