Wormley Row

Urban Dwellings


Wormley Row is centered on the conversion of a long-vacant, late- 19th-century school, Wormley Primary School, in Georgetown into high-end condominiums. The second phase of the project will add six rowhouses to the composition, a collection of six new townhouses and the former which has been turned into condominiums. The Landscape Architecture Bureau designed the public gardens along Prospect Street and private patios for the ground floor units in the rear. It was mandated that the visual character of both the building and the sitework be in the traditional Georgetown vernacular of brick, bluestone, granite, and cast iron. To create the requisite serenity in the rear courtyards in such a dense urban environment, they are secluded inside six-foot high walls and are planted lushly. Great attention was paid to water feature design and paving pattern. A small fountain was included in each garden. This treatment will be continued for each of the townhouses as they are constructed.

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