Boilermaker Shops



LAB designed the site treatment for the re-purposing of a former industrial facility in the Washington Navy Yard as shops and nightclubs. The architecture, by Gensler, contrasts new glass entrance pavilions with the brick and iron of the late 19th century factory. LAB’s site treatment similarly combines the use of post-industrial detritus with a complex but coherent and clearly modern site organization and a strategy for revealing and using all the site’s runoff. The site consists of a 50-foot wide sidewalk on the public side of the building, which will be the main street of the revitalized neighborhood. LAB’s design plays on the industrial vernacular of the building by reusing rails, cobblestones and bricks salvaged from the site, arranging their colors and textures to define a rectilinear organization of the circulation, seating and planted areas. The pattern was then overlaid with a simple planting palette. Cor-ten steel drainage channels collect runoff from the roof and site and direct it to the planted areas. Overflow is treated by biofiltration areas integrated in the overall streetscape of the site.

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