Tenley Hill

Urban Dwellings


Tenley Hill is a mixed-use space with two very different spaces: a retail façade on Wisconsin Avenue and a residential façade on the opposite side. LAB’s objective was to use similar materials in different ways to distinguish between the languages of the two uses. The entrances to the retail shops are mediated by stairs both ascending and descending as Wisconsin Avenue slopes steeply north. By contrast, the residential side used planted areas, fronted by a wall stepping up with the grade, to enter the residential lobby without stairs. LAB designed a courtyard at the entry point incorporating a linear fountain with flanking areas for flowers which is visually linked to a new park across the street, also designed by LAB. The park incorporates intensive native plantings at the steep edges with a lawn panel on level ground to the west.

Project Consultants:  Cunningham Quill Architects 
Image Credits: Landscape Architecture Bureau


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