Solstice Baltimore


Balto Shoreline Diagram
Water flow diagram copy

The Solstice is an award-winning entry for an invited competition.  Situated in the landscape of Poplar Point, on the Baltimore harbor, this project celebrates displaced ecologies by elevating lost wetlands toward the sky. In this new position, the natural processes of the pre-industrial landscape are juxtaposed against the current post-industrial landscape.  The resulting project mimics the ecological function of wetlands lost to development in a language that is clearly intentional.

The main outdoor space occurs over the parking garage.  Approximately one acre in size, the project is a faceted ground plane of constructed wetlands, pyramidal mounds and boardwalks. At the eastern edge of the wetland is a large projected deck that serves as the building’s social space.  This allows for close observation of a functioning landscape in a novel environment, high above ground with the backdrop of amazing city views.  The wetlands themselves are integrated into the building’s systems, treating all of the greywater and stormwater. Water treated by the wetland is used for irrigation and for water features flowing between the wetland and the Grotto on the level below.

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