SE Federal Center Temporary Landscape

Public Spaces

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Project Sheet Perspective 2
Project Sheet Perspective 1

Forest City Washington’s multi-year, multi-phase development of the Southeast Federal Center on the Anacostia River in Washington, DC needed a temporary landscape to occupy the site during the years it will take to develop it fully. This landscape is to serve as both an identifiable marker for the area until development resumes, as way-finding elements at an urban scale and as connective tissue between a series of interim parking lots, public transit, and the new Nationals’ Ballpark. In order to establish an image that reflects both the site’s industrial past and its future, Landscape Architecture Bureau’s design rhythmically integrates gabions, filled with the detritus of the area’s years as a Navy Yard, with plantings. Conceptually, the project was driven by linear connections that were interrupted by a looser, radial field. Subtle variations in the language of gabions and trees were a means of establishing a new iconography as well as facilitating movement of people through the site, from the adjacent Metro station to the stadium. In the interest of sustainability, trees planted for this 5-10 year installation will be replanted in the permanent streetscape that will occupy this site in the future.

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