Rosslyn Entryways


north section without title
south_plan_render copy

Rosslyn, sitting on the edge of the DC metro area, acts as entryway, crossroads, and destination simultaneously. But with little street-level presence, a confusing street network, and a dense, tall core, it feels like a harsh urban landscape filled with well-intended fragments, but difficult for visitors and residents to navigate. Rosslyn’s Business Improvement District, recognizing both the unique potential of Rosslyn’s location and the challenges of its current character, asked us to develop four iconic entryways to strengthen Rosslyn’s identity, improve adjacent streetscapes, and make Rosslyn a first-class urban center. Given each site’s complexities and uncertain futures, LAB developed interstitial, serial devices that draw upon Rosslyn’s unique attributes to encourage exploration, interaction and identification. The resulting designs serve as bold entryways at the civic level and as catalysts for expanded street-level activities at the neighborhood level.

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