Rodrigues Residence

Private Gardens

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The Rodrigues family emigrated from Portugal and designed their house as homage to the estates of their childhood. The classical gardens are therefore designed to extend this language into the outdoors. The gardens are a series of garden rooms, each with a distinct character. The garden spaces revolve around a large pool terrace paved with intricate brick patterns (the owner has a well-regarded masonry contracting firm). From the terrace, two gardens extend: a Sun Garden, with a central turf panel and perennial borders, and a Shade Garden, with a double row of lindens above perennial plantings. At the end of the Shade Garden is a Secret Garden, a quiet retreat; the house is not visible from the garden nor is the interior of the garden visible from the house. The Secret Garden is a sunken rectangle surrounded by tall, evergreen hedges. In the center is a lily pool with small fountain jets at the sides.

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