PNC Place


Gensler / PNC Place
Gensler / PNC Place

Landscape Architecture Bureau has designed the interior landscape and the upper roofscape of this office building in downtown Washington.
PNC Place is the largest LEED Platinum office building in the city and only the second to achieve that level. As such, some quite innovative approaches to mechanical systems were used. The interior green wall in the lobby is used not only to make the building a more pleasant place but also to filter return air for the HVAC system, humidifying it and reducing particulates. The green wall is composed of only a three species to simplify maintenance and to create a subtle banding pattern as seen from the upper lobby.
Recycled water is used extensively throughout the project, irrigating the green wall through a sophisticated drip system and supplying the 15,000 SF green roof. Additionally it is used to form a three-story high water wall in which water runs down a thin stainless steel mesh that cools and dehumidifies the lobby by absorbing heat while adding humidity in the winter.

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