Perkiomen School Landscape Masterplan



The Landscape Master Plan designed by LAB looks carefully at both the overall organization and clarification of campus open-spaces and also the details of implementation of its recommendations. The campus boundaries, which currently bleed into surrounding properties, are reinforced by the planting of forests that echo the plantings of the existing Perkiomen Arboretum. The core of the historic campus, Seminary Avenue, is re-worked with new pavements and street trees and, importantly, the relocation of overhead wires, which will permit the new trees to grow free from utility company disfigurements. The entrance to the main classroom and administrative buildings is marked by a small paved gathering place. Internal campus spaces will also be re-worked in conjunction with construction of new classroom and dormitory buildings. The language will be one of orderly tree plantings, regular spacing of lights and placement of grassy courts for play and conversation.

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