Park Sutton

Urban Dwellings


The parking structure for the Park Sutton Condominium, a 17-story apartment building built in 1963, encompasses the entire area under the building and extends for approximately 60 feet under the front landscape. In order to rehabilitate the parking structure’s waterproofing, the entire landscape in front of the building was removed. The design of the new “front yard” includes an auto entry and three small gardens for the enjoyment of the residents: one is backed by a fountain; one is centered on a large, transplanted Japanese Maple; and one is open, paved with stone dust. Since most residents will experience the new gardens from above, the pattern of pavement types and plantings was especially important. In order to unify the design, the pavers were arranged in polychrome, rectangular blocks while the plantings were grouped as small monocultures in beds of the same size and shape as the pavements. Extensive screen planting was installed to maintain a sense of security and privacy for the ground floor residents. This also serves to make the other residents feel less constrained about inhabiting the communal outdoor spaces.

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