Milton High School


A1-Aerial Photos July 2005 002

The new Milton High School is on 65 acres of woods and a former horse farm in the Atlanta suburbs. The design gives the new school a powerful presence in the community, preserves the existing woodland, and safeguards the water quality- of both the surrounding area and the creek that runs through the woods- from the impact of large-scale development. A 20-foot-high retaining wall protects the woods from impact by building construction. Three bridges connect the school to the woods: a 1000-foot-long bridge through the treetops leads to playing fields east of the school, a shorter bridge leads to an amphitheater overlooking the creek and a still shorter one serves as a dining terrace.
The stormwater treatment strategy is especially comprehensive. All runoff from roofs and other impervious areas is directed to bioretention zones. The roof water is routed into highly articulated bioretention areas between the school’s academic wings. All water from the 750-car parking lot is directed to biotreatment areas planted with native trees and wildflowers.

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