Grosvenor Park

Urban Dwellings

plan 8

The project at Grosvenor Park came about as a result of a leaking underground garage structure in need of renovation. To repair the garage all existing soil, plants and paving had to be removed. Since the previous “garden” was a lawn panel with concrete pavement, the residents wanted a considerably leafier and more restful place. As a result, a new garden was created that can be experienced both at ground level and from above. A series of groundcover parterres provide visual interest while a shady path and seating areas create a new place for residents to relax outdoors. In addition, an existing terrace was made smaller and repaved with unit pavers to make its scale more intimate for the residents. The design invites residents to inhabit the communal outdoor spaces while at the same time maintaining a sense of security and privacy for ground floor apartments.

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