DC ModBog


final perspective rendering w labels

In response to DC Water’s “Green Infrastructure Challenge”, LAB designed the DC ModBog: a scalable system that harnesses natural processes to capture and treat stormwater.  In essence, the ModBog is a constructed natural system based on the characteristics of a natural bog ecosystem. Through the use of established natural processes and readily available materials, the ModBog can be deployed within the footprint of the existing sidewalk, while allowing for the flexibility to adapt to different conditions above and below the streets throughout the District. At the same time, this new system offers a novel, attractive alternative to existing planting strips and tree pits through the use of diverse, hardy plants that will increase ecological value as well as provide aesthetic benefits to DC neighborhoods.  In order to address the negative impacts of Combined Sewer Overflow and stormwater runoff in the District, action is required at multiple levels and early intervention to capture water where it first hits the street is paramount. This proposal intercedes at that critical juncture, operating at the level of the individual planting strip to address 95% of the runoff within a given residential street.

Competition Team: DC GreenWorks, Wiles Mensch Corporation
Image Credits: Landscape Architecture Bureau

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