Concord Residences

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1-Concord plan diagram-color-cropped

The courtyard at the Concord Residences is an intensive green roof over a below-grade parking structure. The intent of the design is to provide a place for the residents that accommodates social gatherings, but due to its simple, straightforward geometry and the limited palette of materials, can also serve as a quiet, calm place to read or have a cup of coffee. The courtyard is structured as a series of rectangles; the water feature, lawn panel, seating areas, and tree plantings are all informed by this vernacular. The design also incorporates a strategy to re-use all stormwater for irrigation. Rain that falls on the lawn, on the plaza pavement, and that runs down the facade of the building is captured in trench drains that lead directly into a soil-filled vault under the plaza pavement; the pavement is supported by stacked, plastic soil chambers to prevent compaction of the planting medium. The large trees in the project then use the soil as a growth medium while the runoff irrigates them. Only the overflow from extremely large rain events goes to municipal drains.

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