Cady’s Alley

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Courtyard--bright sun-adjusted
Courtyard-umbrellas-John Weiss
Looking east in the rain-John Weiss
Suman's bldg--telephoto

The owner’s innovative program for retail and residential redevelopment of a full city block in Georgetown involved engaging the services of five architects for five interlocking parcels. The major open space for the projects is Cady’s Alley, a historic way in Georgetown’s industrial past. The alley was converted to pedestrian use, with several shops and residential buildings fronting on the alley. LAB worked closely with the developer, all five architects, the local Advisory Neighborhood Commission, the Commission of Fine Arts, the National Park Service and the District’s Department of Transportation, designing Cady’s Alley to serve shoppers and residents as well as the service needs of the adjacent businesses. Also included was a response to the C & O Canal Na- tional Park on the south edge of the development. LAB was the only consultant working on the project as a whole, and ensured that the disparate projects work well together and complement the historic character of the alley while its use changes from service to pedestrian front door. Cady’s Alley has received several design awards.

Client: Eastbanc Inc.
Image Credits: Prakash Patel, James Woggon, Michael Airhart via Flickr

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