Burack Residence

Private Gardens

Burack 5

It was the goal of the Burack family to build a multi-faceted garden that would work with the sloping topography of their property, providing outdoor rooms for entertaining and family relaxation while at the same time solving serious drainage problems that had been plaguing them for some time. The design developed by Landscape Architecture Bureau provides garden terraces on several levels, each with a distinctive character. The major terraces step down to a lawn on which the children can play and additionally leads to the swimming pool. A smaller terrace is located in a shady, intimate woodland garden with seating for reading. The property is located at the low end of a ten-acre watershed that collects a large volume of water during heavy rains. This uncontrolled flow had been eroding the property and filling the swimming pool with sediment. LAB’s design collected this runoff at the high side of the property in French drains, directing the water to a large reservoir under the rear lawn where the water can infiltrate over time.

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