7900 Wisconsin Avenue

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625-L800_base of landscape

The courtyard and plaza of 7900 Wisconsin is located to front on Bethesda’s two main shopping streets. It is organized on two levels and comprised of four design elements: a covered passageway/gathering area off Wisconsin Avenue, a sunny lawn off Woodmont Avenue, a stone-paved spine that crosses both levels creating a pedestrian connection between Woodmont and Wisconsin Avenues and stepped, bioretention planter that also connects the two streets. The lower area is configured to take advantage of its sunny orientation and the fact of its large frontage on Woodmont. In addition, most of the pedestrian and retail activity is located west of the site. It is marked by iconic landforms–three large, pyramidal turf mounds that climb the slope. The upper courtyard has a twofold purpose: it serves as an intimately scaled entry to the apartment building and also provides a shady seating area for the public. It will be framed by shops whose customers will use the seating and tables. The diagonal path and the stepped planter both serve to link the two streets.

Client: The JBG Companies
Consultants: FXFOWLE Architects, VIKA 
Image Credits: Lifang-CG, Landscape Architecture Bureau

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