14th and Oak Park

Public Spaces

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14_Oak Hand Rendering

Landscape Architecture Bureau was asked by the Department of Parks and Recreation to redesign a small triangular parcel at the junction of 14th Street, Oak Street and Ogden Street in Columbia Heights. This parcel is typical of dozens of small reservations in the District in its small size, lack of amenities and lack of maintenance. It needed several interventions. It had become a congregating place for single young men in the neighborhood, many of whom indulged in public drunkenness; the space was considered to be a nuisance by the residents. As a result, benches had been removed. At the same time it was the location of a very active bus stop so seating was a necessity. LAB designed seating pods that would permit short-term waiting while discouraging long-term occupancy. In addition the edges of the park were transformed into bio-filtration areas to treat ll the runoff from the site. New access from all directions was provided as well as an active, innovative paving system that combined broom-finish and sandblasted concrete with aluminum strips to break up the paving.

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